Rescue, Paper, PVC & PTFE

Rescue, Paper, PVC & PTFE

While there are numerous products used during construction and woodwork, adhesive tape is the most indispensible aspect of the process. Tapes have many unique uses including insulation of electric wires, masking off areas during painting and binding materials during bonding & curing to name a few. For such an integral part of your project, you need an adhesive tape from a manufacturer that offers the highest quality adhesive tape– Astral Adhesives.


Our tapes come in three variants - Paper Adhesive Tape, PVC Adhesive Tape and PTFE Adhesive Tape. They have multiple utilities and can be used as a double-sided adhesive tape or a PVC self-adhesive tape. Our adhesive tape is even waterproof in nature.


Each adhesive tape is unique and has different properties. You can take a look at our Adhesive tape features and price below!


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