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Bondset Auto

Bondset Auto is a hand kneadable, non-rusting, metal reinforced epoxy putty that mixes in one minute to provide fast repairs to metal surfaces. The industrial strength product cures tough, hard and bonds tenaciously to metals. After final cure it can be drilled, tapped, machined, ground or filed. Bondset Auto has been developed to meet various requirements in electrical, mechanical, civil and allied engineering fields and in domestic applications.


After proper mixing, Bondset Auto molds like clay and can be used in many industrial and home maintenance applications including iron pipes, water tanks, tools and equipment, stripped threads for filling blow holes, moulds patterns and casting, downspouts and gutters, duct work, windows and aluminum slidings. It mends air conditioning units, machine parts and wheels, online leakage repair of transformer oil in power & distribution. It can also be used in meat and poultry plants.

How to use
How to use
  • The surface should be free from dust, rust, oil, paint, varnish, moisture etc. Emery paper or grinder can be used to abrade the surface for better binding. Acetone, petrol, kerosene oil can be used to free the surface from grease/oil
  • Twist or cut off required amounts, to mix knead with fingers to a uniform color. If mixing is difficult, warm the putty to room temperature or slightly above. Apply to surface to be repaired within 2 minutes of mixing. Force into any cracks or holes to be filled and strike off the excess material, preferably with a tool wetted with clean water. When applying to a damp or wet leaking area, work the material forcefully and apply the pressure until adhesion begins to take effect. For a smooth appearance of the cured compound, hand rub with water or a damp cloth prior to hardening. Remove excess material before hardening begins. After 5-10 minutes the epoxy will begin to form a tenacious bond. After just 60 min Bondset Auto can be drilled, sawed, carved, sanded, stained or painted
Shelf Life
Shelf Life

18 months from date of manufacturing.


Product should be stored be stored below 40°C in a cool and dry place away from sunlight in properly tight container.

Shelf Life

Oxides of carbon; aldehydes, acids and other organic substances may be formed during combustion or elevated temperature (>500°F) degradation.

  • Packing

    12 gm & 25 gm

Handling precautions

Mandatory and recommended industrial hygiene procedures should be followed whenever our products are being handled and processed.

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