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500 CTS

Weldon CTS 500 is a medium-bodied, fast-setting, low VOC, yellow colour one-step CPVC solvent cement. It is used to create permanent joints between CPVC pipes and fittings up to 5.0 cm (50 mm -2”) copper tube size (CTS) SDR 11 & SDR 13.5 piping system for potable water applications up to 93°C. Weldon CTS 500 is a popular choice for plumbing applications because it is easy to use and produces strong, reliable joints.


Weldon CTS 500 is suitable for use with potable water pressure systems Suitable for of CPVC plumbing pipes & fittings up to 5.0 cm (50 mm -2”) size (CTS) SDR 11 & SDR 13.5 piping.

Shelf Life
Shelf Life

Shelf-life of Weldon CTS 500 is 2 years. Solvent Cement must be stored in tightly sealed containers. The date code of manufacture is stamped on the bottom of the container. Stability of the product is limited by the evaporation of the solvent when the container is opened. Adding of solvents is not recommended and may significantly change the properties of the cement.


50 ml, 118 ml, 237 ml, 473 ml & 946 ml in tin packing

Handling precautions

Weld-On solvent cements must never be used in CPVC piping systems using or being tested by compressed air or gases; including air-over-water booster. Do not use in conjunction with flue gas ventilation systems.

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