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Bathmate Acrylic Sealant

Bathmate acrylic sealant is a high quality, permanently flexible, acrylic based sealant which contains a powerful anti-fungal compound to prevent mould growth, providing good adhesion to plastic, ceramic tiles, wood and porcelain. It can be painted over and is easy to use.

  • Can be used to seal around ceramic baths, sinks and kitchen worktops
  • Good adhesion with wood , porcelain , ceramic and most plastics.
  • Anti – fungal
  • Flexible
  • Eco – friendly
  • Bonds most of the building material
  • Paintable
How to use
How to use
  • Surfaces must be clean, dry & free from grease and detergents
  • Mask adjacent surfaces for neat application with masking tape
  • Cut tip of cartridge, cut nozzle to desired size at 45° angle, attach to cartridge, and place in caulking gun.
  • Apply sealant in continuous, steady flow. Push sealant ahead of nozzle contacting both sides of joint so it is completely filled.
  • Smooth sealant surface immediately after application before skin forms.
  • Remove masking tape
  • Let is dry for minimum 24 hrs. prior to paint and other water usage.


Technical Details


Name Of Product Testing Standard Results
Physical state   Viscous paste
Colour   White
Drying Time @ 60 Micron On Glassplate At 25°c   3 – 4 minutes
Specific Gravity @ 25°C ASTM D 1475 1.4 – 1.5 gm/cc
Shore A Hardness ASTM D 2240 22 – 24
% Elongation ASTM D 412 Min. 400 %


Shelf Life
Shelf Life

18 months from the date of mfg. and strictly store in cool, away from heat.


Product should be stored in a dry place in their original, properly closed Cartridge at temperature between 2-40°C. Partially emptied cartridge should be closed immediately.

  • Packing

    Plastic Cartridge:
    300 ml

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