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Resipro High Strength Hybrid

Resipro High Strength Hybrid is a high quality, elastic single component joint sealant based on MS-Polymer.


Resipro High strength Hybrid is a RTV (Room Temperature Vulcanizing) hybrid polymer sealant. Once applied, the compound reacts with atmospheric moisture to form a tough and durable elastic seal. It has excellent adhesion to metals, glass, ceramics and plastics. The compound has large gap filling properties, which makes it ideal for application to non-machined surfaces.

  • High adhesive strength, on most substrates
  • High performance mechanical properties
  • Permanently elastic after cure
  • Can be painted wet-on-wet with water-based varnishes
  • Can be painted with many different types of paints
  • Does not contain Silicones or Isocyanates
  • Color-fast and UV resistant
How to use
How to use
  • Surfaces to be bonded should be clean, dry, sound and free from dust. If required, surfaces can be cleaned prior to application using an appropriate cleaner
  • Mask adjacent surfaces with a protective tape for a neat finish and easy clean up
  • Carefully cut the tip of the cartridge, ensuring the threaded area isn’t damaged. Screw on the nozzle supplied and cut to an angle of approximately 45°, to an opening slightly larger than the gap to be filled
  • Apply using a standard sealant gun. Extrude the sealant in to the joint, filling the cavity completely. Tool sealant with a soap solution wetted spatula and remove protective tape before the sealant starts to skin. Sealant will begin to cure after 5 minutes, will be touch dry after 1 hour and reach full cure after 3 days (7mm depth). Uncured material should be removed using solvent cleaner (eg. mineral turpentine)
  • Apply to a cloth and wipe. Cured material should be removed by sanding or trimming with a sharp blade
Shelf Life
Shelf Life

12 months in unopened packaging in a dry and cool storage place, at temperatures between +5°C and +25°C.


Product should be stored in a dry place in their original, properly closed containers at temperature between 2 - 40°C.

  • Packing

    Aluminum Tube:
    50 gm (36 ml)

  • Packing

    Plastic Cartridge:
    400 gm (290 Ml)

Handling precautions

Mandatory and recommended industrial hygiene procedures should be followed whenever our products are being handled and processed. Not recommended for use on applications that will be fully immersed in water. For additional information please consult the corresponding product data sheets and the brochure “Hygienic precautions for handling plastic products”.

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