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Thread Locker 944

Resimet Thread Locker TL 944 is a single component, anaerobic thread locking adhesive. It gives high strength to fasteners with assemblies, it allows fasteners to withstand vibrations, resist shock and impact loads, it offers high performance and seals thread to prevent leakages and corrosion. It is being applied where higher diameter i.e. 20 mm fasteners are used. It gives better solvent resistance.


Sealing fasteners in Compressors Pump, Heavy Motor mounting bolts, Big Gear boxes and equipment’s where assembly and disassembly will be done by high torque tools, service stations of four wheelers, JCB, earthmovers, bus body builders etc. This product can be used on various substrates like steel, brass, stainless steel etc.

How to use
How to use

For best performance, surfaces should be clean and free from oil and grease. Product should be applied to the bolt in sufficient quantity to fill all engaged threads. This product performs best in thin bond gaps, (0.05mm). Very large thread sizes may create large gaps which will affect cure speed and strength. This product is designed to give controlled friction, (torque/tension ratio), during assembly. In critical tightening applications this ratio should be confirmed.

Shelf Life
Shelf Life

12 months in a partially filled packing and strictly store in a cool place, away from heat.

  • Packing

    5 ml & 50 ml

Handling precautions

Please consult material safety data sheet.

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