Bondtite Epoxy Adhesives

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Bondtite Metallic

Bondtite Metallic is a metal filled, fast setting, high strength two- component epoxy metal adhesive system, which is specially developed for bonding two different metal surfaces. It is the best glue for a metal and gives a metallic finish and hardness to your surface, allowing it to be drilled as well.


Astral Adhesive’s metal adhesive Bondtite Metallic is the best metal adhesive available to help you with maintenance and keep your floors and surfaces solid as ever.


Bondtite Metallic can be used for metal surface repair applications such as


  • Main gate of bungalow
  • Sealing of screw heads
  • Drilled hole filling
  • To hide welding marks and undulation in window, staircase grills
  • Machinery repairs
  • Filling blow holes in steel castings
  • Metalic finish
  • Fast setting 
  • Bond multiple substates
  • Can be drilled 
How to use
How to use
  • Surfaces must be clean, dry and free from oil, wax and paint. Roughen smooth surfaces for better adhesion by sandblasting or sanding with emery cloth.
  • Wash glass and ceramic surfaces with soap and water then rinse and let dry.
  • Pre-fit parts to be joined.
  • Squeeze equal volumes of the material from both part-A & part-B. Mix  part-A & part-B for one minute thoroughly and then apply as per requirement.
  • Clamp it for 30 minutes.                                
  • Full Strength will be achieved in 4 hours
Usage Restriction
Restriction of usage
  • Applications requiring short-term heat exposure of greater than 150°C
  • Continuously wet areas or water immersion
  • Potable water systems
  • Do not use on areas that will come in contact with food related items
Shelf Life
Shelf Life

2 years from the date of manufacturing.


Product should be stored in a dry place in their original, properly closed packing.

  • Packing

    12 gm, 36 gm & 90 gm

Handling precautions

Please consult the product safety data sheet

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