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Trubuild Stain Free Epoxy Grout

Epoxy Tile Grout


TRUBUILD TILE GROUT is a three-component prepacked epoxy grout which is specially designed for grouting of ceramic tiles, vitrified tiles and stone where staining is expected. It provides a stain free, chemical resistant, hard wearing tile joints.

Meets the requirement of EN 13888:2009, ISO 13007-4:2015 & ANSI 118.3:1999

  • Bathrooms, fountains and swimming pools
  • Kitchens, cafeterias, restrooms, schools
  • Factories, Workshops and warehouses
  • Pharma industry, hospitals & labs
  • Commercial & residential buildings


  • Trubuild Stain Free Epoxy Grout should be removed from tools, equipment with water immediately after use. Once set, the material can only be removed mechanically
  • Stain free and easily cleaned
  • Easy to install and clean
  • Resist bacterial growth
  • Resistant to mild chemicals and acids
  • Non-cracking or powdering
  • Water cleanable when fresh
  • Available in range of attractive colors
How to use
How to use
  • Remove dust, oil, debris and sealer from the joints with the help wire brush or air blower
  • Take Part-A & Part-B into a suitable container and mix perfectly with a trowel or a slow drill mixer
  • Now add Part-C powder in this mix slowly to get a uniform consistency. Mix as stiff as possible to work into the joints
  • Using a hard rubber grout float, compact the grout into the joints ensuring that they are completely filled. Work in small areas and remove as much excess from the tile surface as possible. Strike off excess materials diagonally to the grout lines.
  • Plug open-ended joints with the stiffer mix to prevent any slumping of the grout joints from occurring
  • Within 30 minutes of application, clean off surplus grout. Use an EMULSIFYING PAD & GRIPPER dampened with clean water to break down (emulsify) the grout residue. Use a circular motion and keep the pad and gripper flat relative to the tile surface to achieve a flush joint. Warm water, although not essential will greatly ease the emulsification process
  • Do not allow water to flow/run into ungrouted joints
  • Clean off the emulsified epoxy/water residue with a fine sponge, taking care not to drag grout from the joints, clean diagonally to the grout lines. Tool joints to finish
  • Any light haze remaining on the tile surface can be cleaned off the next day using the EMULSIFYING PAD & GRIPPER and an alkaline detergent. Do not allow the haze to remain on the surface for any longer than 24 hours.
Usage Restriction
Restriction of usage
  • This should not be used when the temperature is below 5°C and falling
  • This should not be exposed to running water during application
  • Colour may fade when used in exterior

Note: Always do the site sample for shade confirmation and then go for a larger area.

Shelf Life
Shelf Life

24 months in unopened sealed original packaging in a strictly dry and cool storage place.

  • Packing

    5 kg (1.25 Kg Resin Kit,
    which consist of 0.9 kg
    Part-A & 0.35 kg
    Part-B & 3.75 kg
    Filler Powder Part-C of different colour)

Handling precautions
  • Use mask, nose cover and hand gloves during application
  • Epoxy Resin may cause irritation when it will come into contact of the skin. Hence During application avoid contact with skin and eyes
  • If it comes into contact with the skin accidentally then use a suitable resin removable cream and then wash the area with soap and water. If irritation continuous then seek medical help
  • In case of contact with eyes rinse it with clean water and seek immediate medical help
  • If swallowed accidentally then take immediate help of a medical professional. Do not induce vomiting without the advice of any Medical Doctor
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