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Exterior Wall Waterproofing & Protective Coating


TRUBUILD WALLTECT BASECOAT is single component high performance Acrylic base waterproof coating system composed of high-quality emulsion polymer, weather durable system with properly selected & graded fine fillers, additives. It is used as a waterproofing & protective coating for exterior walls of the buildings.


  • Masonry walls
  • Exterior RCC
  • Plastered surface



  • Excellent waterproofing system.
  • Durable coating.
  • Excellent Bond strength
  • Excellent resilience to Thermal stress.
  • Eco friendly
  • Excellent weather resistance.




  • Good water resistance property.
  • Excellent breathability.
  • Excellent adhesion to the substrate.
  • Good crack bridging capacity
  • Excellent Elongation.
  • UV resistance.
  • Good chloride resistance
  • Algae & Fungal resistance.
  • Weather resistance
How to use
How to use

Surface Preparation


  • For old structure remove the loose unsound materials, oil, dirt, debris, existing paint, waterproof coatings or any type of other surface contaminations from the substrates. Treat any areas affected by Algae, moss or fungal growth with biocide wash solution. This is accomplished by pressure cleaning equipment with a minimum capability of 100-140 bar water pressure. For new construction remove all loose unsound materials, grease, oils etc must be removed completely by help of sand papers or pressurised water blasting.
    Fill all the existing cracks up to 5 mm by making “V” groove and then filling it with Trubuild crack filler paste (CFP 425). For cracks larger than 5mm use Polymer modified mortar making with Trubuild WPL 333/Trubuild BWP 222.




  • Before application of Trubuild walltect base coat, a primer coat with Trubuild primesure Primer on the substrate should be done. During application of primer, it is to be ensured that the surface should be in Saturated Dry Condition (SSD). For Filling the pores on the surface and providing good bonding to subsequent upcoming waterproofing layer use Trubuild Primesure primer in 2:1 (50% dilution with water) chemical to water ratio by weight, mix it well till we get homogeneous mixture using Low RPM paddle mixture. Before applying primer use air blower (Don’t use Hot air blower) to remove the dust present on surface, if any. The coverage of primer coat will be approx. 8-10sqmtr per ltr per coat, depending upon the substrate condition and apply all over the wall. After drying of Primer coat around 6-8 hours apply one coat of Trubuild walltect Basecoat horizontally without any dilution at the thickness of 120-130 micron for 45-50 sq ft per ltr per coat. Allow the coat to dry for min. 6-8 hours. After the base coat dries apply 1 to 2 coats of Trubuild Walltect Topcoat or any water based exterior acrylic decorative paint.
  • Repainting- For repainting work, the performance of Trubuild Walltech Basecoat will depend upon the condition of the existing paint. If the existing paint film is flaking or has a weak bonding with the substrate then the subsequent coat of Trubuild Walltech Basecoat will face the adhesion problem. In case of repainting, application of Trubuild Primesure Primer is not necessary if the current surface is in sound condition and is stable, i.e., no flaking, peeling and loose particles on the surface.For a repainting work apply one coat of Trubuild Walltech Basecoat Coating without any dilution maintain the spreading rate of 45-50 sq ft per ltr per coat application to achieve about 120-130 microns DFT. After the base coat dries apply 1 to 2 coats of Trubuild Walltect Topcoat or any water based exterior acrylic decorative paint.




Appearance IN HOUSE Opaque, White
Solid (%) ASTM D1644-01 58±2
Elongation (%) ASTM D 412-2016 ≥ 150
DFT (micron) - ≥ 120
Tensile strength (N/mm²) ASTM D 412-2016 ≥2.1
Density (gm/cc) - 1.32±0.02
Pull of Adhesion, (MPA) ASTM D 4541:2017 ≥2
Water Absorption (%) ASTM D471:16a <15%
Carbon dioxide diffusion, air layer thickness meter at 120 microns DIN EN 1062- 6:2002 >90
RCPT (Coulombs) ASTM C1202:2019 <2000
Water Penetration at 5 bar Pressure EN 12390-8:2019 Nil
Water Vapour transmission (Gm/ ASTM D 1653:13 >160
Fungi Resistance ASTM G 21-2015 Excellent
UV Resistance ASTM D 4587-2011 Excellent


Theretical Coverage
  • Trubuild Primesure Primer is 8-10 sqmtr/ltr/coat
  • Trubuild walltect basecoat is 45-50 sq.ft /ltr/coat of to achieve the 120µ±10 DFT.

NOTE 1 - Coverage will depend upon the porosity & Undulation of the substrate.

Shelf Life
Shelf Life

36 months (Storage Temp 2°C - 40°C)


Product should be stored in a dry place in their original, properly closed containers at temperature between 2°C - 40°C. Partially emptied container should be closed immediately

  • Packing

    1 Ltr, 4 Ltr & 20 Ltr

Handling precautions

Limitation and Precaution


  • Prior to use Trubuild walltect Base coat, ensure previous waterproofing treatment is completely removed and cleaned.
  • Ensure proper consumption of material to achieve all the properties.
  • Mix well after opening container using low rpm paddle mixture to get homogeneous mix.
  • Avoid application in intermittent of rain or on standing/runoff water at surface.
  • Before application of Top coat minimum curing period should be 24hrs.
  • Application of Trubuild walltect base coat should be avoided in any water retaining structure.
  • Avoid application of Trubuild walltect base coat, if the substrate temperature is less than 10 °C and greater than 35 °C & RH should not exceed 75%.
  • Consumption of all the material should done in a single go, once it is opened to avoid any contamination in it.
  • Do not mix any emulsion or water to it, it will decrease the durability and performance of the coating.
  • Always use brush and rollers for coating application.
  • Do not keep material under direct sunlight. Always keep it in shade and close the Lid for keeping it air tight to avoid skinning.
  • Take out the sufficient quantity of material from the container which you can consume within 15-30min.
  • Always use air blower (Don’t use Hot air blower) before commencement of coating to remove the dust.
  • Do not use other manufacturer primer or other material which is used for repairing and priming as it will not confront any type of performance which we are providing with our product and system.
  • Do not skip any one of the systems as prescribed for the application of Trubuild Walltect Base coat. It may decrease the performance and even lead to failure of entire system.
  • For miscellaneous surface always contact Trubuild Technical service team for guidance.
  • Always use clean brush and roller to avoid foreign material intrusion in coating and which may get peeled off taking waterproofing coating with it.
  • Application of the Trubuild Walltect Base coat should be as per the Coverage above mentioned for better bonding with substrate.
  • Please read all the guidelines and always try to get in touch with our Trubuild Technical sales person before starting any type of application for avoiding any waterproofing system failure.
  • Adhesion property may get affected over putty and very smooth surface.
  • If the surface has excess moisture then there is possibility of blister formation in case of all liquid applied membrane coatings.
  • Check the existing paint – cement paint if any, to be removed as best as possible.
  • Coating is not recommended on putty as well as on synthetic enamels, bituminous paints.
  • Substrate should be fully cured as per standard construction practice before application of coatings.

Mandatory and recommended industrial hygiene procedures should be followed whenever our products are being handled and processed. For additional information please refer the Material safety Data sheet.

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