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WRP 777

Trubuild WRP 777 (Water Repellent) is silane base non-flammable water soluble solution designed to incorporate water repellence to varied surface like sand stone, marble, concrete, exposed bricks and terracotta tiles. It is used for water proofung of most of the construction surfaces as it penetrates deeply in the surface and provides excellent water repellence without changing appearance/colour of substrate

Meets the requirement of IS: 12027: 1987.

  • As a sealer for sand stone, concrete & marble surfaces, restore colour of terracotta tile.
  • As sealer for wood to reduce the consumption of paint and clear lacquer.
  • Can be used on any porous substrate.
  • Brush able and easy to use.
  • Trubuild WRP 777 is breathable, penetrable and supplied in ready to use form.
  • Doesn’t stain as well as change appearance and colour of substrate
  • Cost effective
  • Anti-Fungal & Waterproof for porous stone, concrete, plasters etc.
  • Due to low viscosity penetration in substrate is very high
  • Use of Trubuild WRP 777 reduces efflorescence, improve resistance to effects of weathering and seals porous substrates against moisture.
How to use
How to use
  • Surface to be treated should be dry and free from all dirt, oil, debris and all other contamination which could prevent penetration.
  • Apply one coat of Trubuild WRP 777 by brush and left the same to dry for next 24 hrs.
  • Apply second coat wet on wet to improve the penetration and performance and again left the same to dry for next 24 hrs.
Usage Restriction
Restriction of usage
  • Trubuild WRP 777 should not be diluted further as it will reduce its effectiveness
  • Before applying on natural stone of any new substrate, sampling should be done on a small patch. If there are no adverse effects were observed go for large area.
Shelf Life
Shelf Life

2 years (Storage Temp 2-40°C)


Product should be stored in a dry place in their original, properly closed containers at temperature between 2-40°C. Partially emptied container should be closed immediately.

  • Packing

    1 kg, 5 kg & 20 kg

Handling precautions

Mandatory and recommended industrial hygiene procedures should be followed whenever our products are being handled and processed. For additional information please consult the corresponding product data sheets and the brochure “Hygienic precautions for handling plastics products”.

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