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Acrylic Polymer Coating


Trubuild APC-225 (Acrylic Polymer Coating) is an acrylic polymer-based coating which is used in conjugation with cement as a coating for waterproofing and bonding application.


Trubuild APC-225 is used as protective coating for concrete structures like sunken portion, toilets, balcony, chajja, basement, terrace, and concrete repairs. It can be used for water retaining structures & general concrete repairs. It can be used for Protection of concrete against corrosion, salt attack etc.

  • Economical
  • Can be used in both horizontal & vertical surface
  • Excellent adhesion on various substrates
  • Reduces or prevents salt attack
  • Can be used as waterproofing coating
  • Can be used as bonding agent
How to use
How to use

Surface Preparation


  • The surface should be clean and dried before application. It should be free from dust, unsound material, loose plaster, oil, paint, grease, algae and corrosion deposits. Fill all the cracks up to 5 mm by Trubuild CFP 425 and above by making PMM using Trubuild WPL 333.


Waterproofing Coating


  • Make a slurry of 1:2 ratio of Trubuild APC-225 and cement and apply first coat on concrete surface. Make sure that concrete surface is in SSD condition before application of first coat. After 5 -6 hours of application of first coat, apply second coat of Trubuild APC-225 coating. After application of 2nd coat, allow the system to air cure for 5 to 6 hours. This should be followed by moist curing by sprinkling /spraying of potable water for 24 hours. After moist curing, the surface should be allowed to air cure for 3 to 5 days before covering it with screed and there after lay the protective screed to avoid mechanical damage. Coverage: 1.125kg mix/m²/2coats


Render & Mortars


  • Add 10-15% of Trubuild APC-225 by weight of cement, in a 1:3 cement and sand mortar for repairing of patch work as per the suitability




A. Liquid Sample Properties
1 Physical State Visual Low Viscous liquid ---
2 Appearance Visual Opaque ---
3 pH -- 7.6 ASTM E 70
4 Specific Gravity -- 1.02 ASTM D 1475
5 Solid Content % 29.1 ASTM D 2697
B. Tests on Mixed Mortar
1 Compressive Strength (1:3 Cement sand Mortar with 10% dose of Trubuild APC-225) N/mm² 32.6 ASTM C 109-21
2 Tensile Strength (1:3 Cement sand Mortar with 10% dose of Trubuild APC-225) N/mm² 2.68 ASTM C 307-18
C. Tests on Mixed Product (Trubuild APC -225: Cement = 1 : 2)
1 Slant Shear Strength Slant Shear Strength 11.2 ASTM C 1042-99
2 WFT - 2 Coat WFT - 2 Coats 375 ISO 2808:2019
3 DFT- 2 Coats DFT- 2 Coats 295 ISO 2808:2019
4 Pull off Adhesion Pull off Adhesion 1.65 ASTM D 7234-2021
5 Water Absorption @ 15 min Water Absorption @ 15 min Nil Karsten Tube
6 Water Absorption @ 30 min Water Absorption @ 30 min Nil
7 Water Absorption @ 60 min Water Absorption @ 60 min Nil
8 Water Absorption @ 4 Hrs Water Absorption @ 4 Hrs Nil


Mixing proportion:2 kg cement: 1kg Trubuild APC 225 Polymer


Material Two Coat on concrete kg/m²
Cement 0.750
APC-225 0.375


Trubuild APC 225 Brush Topping


Material Quantities of Material in Kg for one cubic meter 1 sq.m. of 1.5mm Thickness
Cement 860 1.30
Trubuild APC 225 430 0.65
Fine Silica Sand 860 1.30
Total Weight in Kg 2150 3.25


  • *1.125kg mix/m²/2 coats
  • *0.375 kg APC/m² /2 coat
  • 25-30 Sq.ft/kg/2 coat
  • *Depending upon level and porosity of the substrate
Shelf Life
Shelf Life

24 Months


Product should be stored in a dry place in their original, properly closed containers at temperature between 2 - 40°C. Partially emptied container should be closed immediately.

  • Packing

    10 kg & 20 kg & 50 kg

Handling precautions

Precaution and Limitation


  • Trubuild APC 225 should not be used in isolation of cement
  • Trubuild APC 225 shall be applied to the substrate temp above 10°C to below 40°C
  • Surface should be in SSD condition. Neither apply fully dry surface nor standing water
  • Ensure to provide a protective plaster over the final coat to avoid mechanical damage
  • Avoid coating in intermittent of rain


Mandatory and recommended industrial hygiene procedures should be followed whenever our products are being handled and processed. For additional information please consult the corresponding product data sheets and the brochure “Hygienic precautions for handling plastics products”.

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