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Pestofree is CNSL based eco-friendly, long lasting, colorless wood protector. It instantly kills termites and bores present in all types of wooden articles as it penetrates deeper into the surface. It also helps protect wood from further attack of termites and borers.


Pestofree does not contain any chemicals, which are covered under the schedules of insecticide act, 1968. It protects all types of wood, wood crafts, furniture, plywood, construction timber and floor parquet.

  • Protect all wooden articles from termites and borers
  • Environment friendly
  • Ready-to-use
  • Can be mixed with oil based paints and primers
  • Prevents powder sprinkling from wood
How to use
How to use
  • Wood should be clean, free from oil and frost
  • Pestofree should be used without diluting
  • Apply one coat of Pestofree to the surface with the help of a brush or spray
  • For highly affected areas, 2-3 coats will be required to get desired results
Shelf Life
Shelf Life

24 months in a partially filled packing and strictly store in a cool place, away from heat.

  • Packing

    Tin Container:
    100, 200 ml, 500 ml, 1 litre, and 5 litre

Handling precautions

Mandatory and recommended industrial hygiene procedures should be followed whenever our products are being handled and processed. For additional information, please consult material safety data sheet.

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