Bondtite Epoxy Adhesives

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Bondtite Wood

Bondtite Wood Paste is a two-component, wood colored, filled epoxy system specially developed for bonding wood to wood and wood to dissimilar substrates like marble, ceramics, metal, glass, wood, fiber glass,etc. It gives water resistance, with no problem of shrinkage, migration, pull away and can be used to replace rotten & worn-out wood, rebuild furniture, reshape carving, handles and knobs as well as to restore antiques etc. Wood dust can be added to improve consistency, appearance and texture.


Bondtite Wood gives 100% waterproof system. It can be used in various wood applications like:

  • Furniture.
  • For water resistance bonding
  • Can be used for filling gaps and holes
How to use
How to use

Surfaces must be clean, dry and free from oil, wax and paint. Roughen smooth surfaces for better adhesion by emery cloth. Pre-fit parts to be joined. Squeeze equal volume of material from both part-A & part-B. Mix resin and hardener for one minute thoroughly and then apply as per requirement. It will be fully cured in 24 hours.

Usage Restriction
Restriction of usage
  • Does not bond to polyethylene or polypropylene plastics
  • Applications requiring short-term heat exposure of greater than 150°C
  • Continuously wet areas or water immersion
  • Potable water systems
  • Do not use on areas that will come in contact with food related items
Shelf Life
Shelf Life

3 years from date of manufacture


Products should be stored in a dry place in their original, properly closed containers at temperatures between 2-40°C. Partially emptied containers should be closed immediately.

Shelf Life

Oxides of carbon; aldehydes, acids and other organic substances may be formed during combustion or elevated temperature (>500°F) degradation.

  • Packing

    90 g and 320 g

  • Packing

    Plastic Container:
    2 kg set

Handling precautions

please consult the product data sheets.

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