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Zesta D3

<p>ZESTA D3 is an aqueous polyvinyl acetate dispersion stabilized with polyvinyl alcohol. It is cross-linked polymer with excellent moisture, water resistance &amp; comparable to the requirements of EN 204 categories D3/3.</p>

<p>It is mainly used in furniture industry and can be used in laminate pasting, post forming, hot press, cold press finger joint &amp; bud Jointing &amp; several other industries. It is specially developed for the furniture, which is affected by moisture/water - the area like kitchens, bathrooms, etc.</p>

  • Bonds laminate, plywood and other hard /soft wood, veneer, particle board, MDF, block board, hard board, etc
  • Specially made for the handicraft industry and bonds all types of wood and ply to laminate, mainly in areas where furniture is affected by moisture/water like kitchens, bathrooms, etc.
How to use
How to use
  • The surfaces to be bonded should be free from dust, oil and grease. They should be dry and properly leveled
  • For best results, roughen the surfaces to be bonded.
  • Stir contents of the container before use.
  • Apply an even coat of ZESTA D3 first on comparatively non-porous surfaces and then on porous surfaces, for e.g. apply first on laminate and then on wood.
  • If possible, application should be lengthwise on one surface and breadth wise on the other surface. This will help in proper and uniform spreading of adhesive while pressing.
  • For ply to laminate: Before allowing adhesive to dry, bring both surfaces in contact, align properly and start.
  • Pressing from one side by using wet squeezed cloth to avoid bubbles, and ensure uniform contact.
  • For Wood To Wood: Before allowing adhesive to dry, bring both the surfaces in contact and align properly To get best results keep them pressed for 24 hours.
  • Excess adhesive that oozes out from edges should be wiped off with a wet squeezed cloth.
  • Pressure can be applied by using nails, clamps, weight, Resitape, Cold Press, Hot Press, Roller Press, etc.


Technical Details


Properties Standard Results
Physical state   Viscous Liquid
Appearance   Opaque
Color   White
Viscosity(in poise) @30°C ASTM D 2196-05 100—160 poise
Specific Gravity @25°C ASTM D 1475 1.06 -1.08
pH   2.5—4.0
% Solid @ 105-120°C/2H IS 3447:1993 46.0—48.0
Drying Time (Sec.)   180-300 @ 75µ at 25°C
Tensile StrengtH (kg/cm²) ASTM D 1002-10 35-70
Shelf Life
Shelf Life

9 months from date of manufacturing in a sealed pack.

  • Packing

    Plastic Containers:
    1 kg, 2 kg ,5 kg,10 kg,20 kg, 50 kg.

Handling precautions

Place the cap immediately after use. Store under cool & dry place.

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