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Hexon 800

Hexon 800 is a single component, rubber based adhesive which is widely used to make furniture where early setting is required as well as for surfaces that are hard to press. It is specially recommended for bonding of vertical laminates.


Hexon 800 is recommended for varied bonding applications, right from laminates, rubber, rexine, leather, foam, fire etc. to plywood and any other wooden substrate. It can also use to bond metal, glass, ceramics, etc., to various substrates. It can also used to paste nitrile rubber to metal ducts for insulation purposes.

How to use
How to use
  • Apply a thin coat of Hexon 800 on both surfaces which are to be bonded, using a spatula or brush. Ensure uniform application of the coat to ensure better results. Be sure not to apply too much adhesive as it will have an adverse effect. For highly porous surfaces, apply a second coat of Hexon 800 after waiting for 15 mins in order to let the first coat dry properly
  • Allow the solvent to evaporate for 10-15 mins. Now start placing both surfaces together from one end and apply adequate pressure to get uniform contact
  • For large surfaces, insert a coarse log between two surfaces and then start placing both surfaces together from one end and remove the log accordingly. Remove the log once both the surfaces are properly adjusted and press the surface from one end to another end
Shelf Life
Shelf Life

12 months in a partially filled packing. Store in cool place, away from heat. Strictly adhere to these storage parameters to ensure longevity.

  • Packing

    Tin Can:
    200 ml, 500 ml, 1 ltr, 5 ltr & 20 ltr

Handling precautions

Mandatory and recommended industrial hygiene procedures should be followed whenever our products are being handled and processed. For additional information, please consult material safety data sheet.

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