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Trubuild Efx 666 - Two Part PU Modified Hybrid Epoxy Adhesive


TRUBUILD EFX 666 is two component PU modified hybrid epoxy adhesive for high performance and high adhesion for fixing tiles with no vertical slip-on deformable substrates. It is suitable for metal, plywood, cement board and dry wall construction. Designed for absorbent and non- absorbent substrates


It Complies to EN 12004:2017 “R2T” ,“Type-5” TS2 as per IS 15477:2019 and CFTRI approved.

  • High-elasticity laying of ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, marble and natural stone, on floors and walls, on absorbent and nonabsorbent, deformable substrates
  • Fixing Porcelain tiles- low thickness slabs, ceramic tiles, clinker Bricks, glass and ceramic mosaic, natural stone, marble, granite and recomposed materials & wood, metals, rubber,linoleum Internal and external flooring and walls, in domestic, commercial and industrial applications
  • Can be used on cement plasters mortar - floors and walls in polyurethane resin, glazed tiles, cement-based and resin floor tiles
  • Suitable for street furniture, work surfaces in industrial settings or in laboratories, swimming pools and water fountains.
  • Suitable for Fixing metal sheet used for prefabricated bathrooms, on work sops and kitchens, balconies, terraces, flat roofs and domes






Preparation of substrates must be compact and consistent, free from dust, oil, algae fungi, efflorescence and grease, free from any rising damp, with no loose, flaky, or imperfectly anchored parts. The substrate must be sound, without cracks and have already completed 28 days curing period of hygrometric shrinkage. Uneven areas must be treated with suitable Polymer modified mortar & concrete. TRUBUILD EFX 666 is prepared by mixing together parts A and B from the bottom upwards, using a low-rev (≈ 400/min.) helicoidal agitator, respecting the pre-set ratio of Part A: Part B:: 4 : 1, (by weight) of the packs. Pour part B into the bucket containing part A, being careful to mix the two parts uniformly until a smooth, even coloured mixture is obtained (Minimum 5-7 minutes mixing). The user must mix a quantity of adhesive which can be consumed within 1 hour at +27 °C / 65% R.H. Application TRUBUILD EFX 666 must be applied with a suitable, notch trowel. Using the smooth part of the spreader, apply a fine layer of product, pressing down on the substrate in order to ensure maximum adhesion. Press down each tile to allow for maximum coverage of the surface. If the substrate is subjected to heavy traffic, in external applications and wherever high-elasticity laying system is required, use the double-spread technique to ensure 100% application of the product to the rear of the tiles. For vertical application it will be ideal to use initial supports as per standard construction practice to hold the tile in its original alignment.


NOTE-1. For fixing any plastic / metal / polymer sheets / or any material a patch test is advisable to ensure proper bonding with the substrate before going for the larger application.


NOTE-2. Ensure entire tile coverage of chemical and consumption may vary as per texture, porosity and undulation of substrate






  • Floors and walls, for internal and external use
  • Extended open time up to 1 hr
  • Suitable for porcelain tiles, ceramics, large formats, low thickness slabs and natural stone
  • Ideal for marble and natural stone that tends to form stains and sag in the presence of humidity
  • Easy in application.
  • CFTRI approved.
How to use





Mixing Ratio


4:1: Part-A(Resin): Part-B(Hardener) pbw



Opaque-white paste

Mixed Density Of Wet Mix,gm/ml @27 ± 2 °C Temperature And 65 ± 5% RH



Pot life (Hr) @27 ± 2 °C Temperature And 65 ± 5% RH

EN 12004- 2017/IS 15477- 2019


Open time(Hr) @ 27 ± 2 °C Temperature And 65 ± 5% RH

EN 12004- 2017/IS 15477- 2019


Vertical slip

EN 12004- 2017/IS 15477- 2019


Foot traffic


Min. After 24hr



Min.12hr on wall and 24 hr on floor

Interval before normal use


Min. 3 days

Shear adhesion after 7 days Dry Condition

EN 12004- 2017/IS 15477- 2019

≥6 N/mm²

Shear adhesion water immersion

EN 12004- 2017/IS 15477- 2019

≥5 N/mm²

Shear adhesion after thermal shock

EN 12004- 2017/IS 15477- 2019

≥6 N/mm²

Tensile Adhesion to concrete

EN 12004- 2017/IS 15477- 2019

≥2.5 N/mm²


IS 15477-2019

≥5 mm




2-4 kg/m2 for 1.5 mm to 3 mm bed thickness

NOTE: Coverage will vary depending on substrate smoothness and evenness.




Allow curing for 24 hr before foot traffic and other work like Grouting between the tile.

Shelf Life
Shelf Life

24 Month from the date of manufacturing, Store in a cool & dry place in temperature +10 °C to +35 °C in unopened condition in its original packing and keep away from direct sunlight/Rain.

  • Packing

    4 KG 

Handling precautions



Strictly keep to the mixing ratio of Part A: Part B:: 4 : 1, (by weight). For partial mixing, weigh the two parts precisely - workability times may vary considerably, depending on environmental conditions and the temperature of substrate and environment. Protect against direct rain for at least 12 hrs after application. Do not lay on substrates subject to moisture rising or which are not completely cured. Before application the substrate should be completely dry condition. Avoid application during rain open to sky. For any special application, please seek the advice of Trubuild Technical service Team.



Trubuild EFX 666 can be removed from tools and equipment immediately after use with thinner, hardened material can be removed mechanically or it may get waste




  • Use mask, nose cover and hand gloves during application.
  • Epoxy Resin may cause irritation when it will come into contact of the skin. Hence During application avoid contact with skin and eyes.
  • If it comes into contact with skin accidentally then use suitable resin removable cream and then wash the area with soap and water. If irritation continuous then seek medical help.
  • In case of contact with eyes rinse it with clean water and seek immediate medical help.
  • If swallowed accidentally then take immediate help of medical professional. Do not induce vomiting without advice of any Medical Doctor.
  • For more safety related information about the material please refer Material safety data sheet.
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