CPVC & PVC Plumbing Pipe Glue

CPVC & PVC Plumbing Pipe Glue

Water is a precious commodity and the need to protect and conserve it has never been greater!


We at Astral Adhesives wish to ensure there is no water wastage or leakage. Hence, we offer our CPVC & PVC Plumbing Pipe and PVC Adhesive Glue to ensure your pipes remain leakage proof, so that there is lesser water wastage.


Using a leading PVC Pipe Glue and a plastic glue will help your construction seepage-free and intact.


We offer the best in class PVC Glue and CPVC and PVC Adhesive Glue for plumbing which will look after all your sealant needs. See our entire CPVC and PVC Plumbing Glue range below.


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